L’esperienza di Milano

Last December, I embarked on the journey of a lifetime to check out the Artistar Jewels exhibition in Milan, Italy. This was the first time my jewellery travelled internationally and I was one of 120 worldwide jewellery artists, selected to participate in the exhibition. I was the only Australian artist to travel the long distance and brave the cold European winter. My work was exhibited alongside two well established West Australian artists Dr Dorothy Erickson and Bethamy Linton. I made my way to Milan by trying to pack in as much as I possibly could in a short time. I flew to London and saw the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, tried to visit as many galleries and museums as possible and did some touristy things. Next destination Paris via the Eurostar. In the two days I was in Paris I managed to catch up with my host sister from Lyon whom I had a high school exchange and my French penpal from Marseilles whom I’d never met previously but had been writing to since I was 14 and just happened to be in Paris at the time. It was then onto Amsterdam where I stayed with friends in Houten, visiting the university town of Utrecht and some sightseeing in the rain around the capital city. I then made it to Rome followed by Florence and Venice where I saw Murano glass being blown. The last city in Italy was Milan for my exhibition. The exhibition organisers couldn’t believe I made the journey all the way to Milan from Australia and was still smiling. As part of the exhibition, my work was also available for purchase online and a catalogue was produced and distributed worldwide. Finally, I had a stopover in Dubai where I enjoyed browsing at the gold souks with friends before flying home to Perth Christmas morning.
The entire trip was an interesting experience and I certainly learned a lot in international relations! I have since been asked to exhibit again in Milan at the Artistar Jewels 2016 exhibition and design fair in Milan, however I declined due to work commitments and financial constraints but still look forward to my next overseas adventure.

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