The theme of this years Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia (JMGA) conference was EdgesBordersGaps. It was an action packed three full days learning about the world of contemporary jewellery held at the Sydney College of the Arts. I was fortunate to meet with some talented artists from around Australia and international guest speakers from Germany, Thailand and New Zealand. As part of the conference, there were a number of exhibitions to view. I managed to see most of them and it was fantastic to see so much contemporary jewellery in a short time. A number of delegates were surprised we didn’t have our own designated contemporary jewellery gallery here in Perth, but you never know, things may change. I also took part in Bridget Kennedy’s Choice Mate exhibition where I decided to ‘mine’ my own ‘rock’ primarily made from beeswax. By taking part in this project, the artist requested I send a photo of the ‘rock’ in its new home.


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